Personal Training (Shrewsbury Studio Location)

At InMotion's fitness studio in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, we provide one-on-one private fitness coaching to meet any wellness or fitness goals a client may have. We assess each client for his/her overall wellness by looking at mobility, flexibility, strength, balance, and body composition. This is done to service the clients with not only their short-term goals, but also to benefit their long-term health. Take a Virtual Tour Here!


Concierge Personal Training (Your In-Home Location)

We provide one-on-one personal in-home trainers who want nothing more than to help others surpass the physical and mental issues that may be holding them back from living their lives to the fullest. We make it convenient, quick, and efficient for you to fit a robust work out in your busy schedule. We travel to you, promptly, with our own equipment and your very own individualized training regimine best tailored to your unique fitness needs.


Mobility Training

We implement certain foam rolling strategies to promote myo-facial release, specific stretching techniques (PNF, etc.) to improve muscle flexibility and joint mobility, and functional movement pattern exercise to improve quality of life and lower injury-risk. According to research from the University of Queensland, PNF stretching may be the most effective stretching technique for increasing flexibility and improving motor function. PNF, or Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, is a set of trainer-assisted stretching techniques commonly used in clinical environments to increase active and passive range of motion in order to improve range of motion and aid rehabilitation. This is important for athletes and non-athletes alike, as this style of stretching has been proven effective for injury prevention, muscular relaxation, and overall enhanced wellness for day-to-day activities.


Postural Training*

Are you noticing your posture deteriorating leading to a curved spine and/or lower back pain? Our coaching experts will help improve your posture through a unique set of strengthening and stretching exercises to get you standing tall again. Postural alignment is the end result of the way the body has been used over a prolonged period of time, leading to the atrophy of muscles holding yourself straight, and a tightening of muscles pulling your torso forward and shoulders in. If you're sick of slouching then this is the perfect training system for you to commit to!


Golf & Tennis Fitness Coaching

With our private sports training you will work on shoulder and hip mobility and stability, t-spine extension and rotation, and rotational speed and power for optimum athletic performance and injury prevention. Our training is programmed on the following 5-step structure: Rehab, Injury Prevention, Range of Motion, Strength, and lastly, Power. Achieve stronger follow-throughs, improved movement fluidity & swing patterns, and decreased injury risk!

*We are not & do not claim to be medical professionals and/or physical therapists. Please consult with your doctor on your physical and cardiovascular health before beginning with InMotion Personal Training.


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