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My career is massage therapy and my income was in jeopardy because of a soon-to-be frozen shoulder. Within 2 weeks [of training at InMotion], my shoulder has much greater range of motion and the pain level is significantly reduced. Moonin and Billy are great to work with and I’m learning about postural muscles within my training that I’m able to implement while doing my massages. This is so beneficial as I have been doing massage for 28 years and now I can continue the career that I love.
— Amy Lenardson
I am 49 and had lifted too much weight a month prior to seeing him and along with some other back issues caused by podiatry issues I had terrible low back pain and shoulder pain. During the time with [InMotion Personal Training] my back issue resolved completely and I am back fully at the gym lifting and exercising. My shoulder movement is also significantly better with full range of motion... This has made such a huge difference in my quality of life.
— James Burns
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What Does Your FREE Consultation Entail?

Your complementary consultation is an obligation-free 3-session consultation process where we'll determine your goals, assess your fitness level, and prioritize your needs. This comprehensive assessment protocol allows us to develop a completely individualized fitness plan to ensure the results we continue to help clients achieve.

1) Tour & Initial Consultation - One of the owners will begin by walking you through a tour of our facility. We'll discuss your prior injuries, medical conditions, exercise history, physical ailments, current diet, and current lifestyle habits. You'll then get a chance to explain your goals. We call those 'your wants'. Lastly, we'll explain why our scientifically-proven approach to exercise programming is guaranteed to progress you towards becoming the strongest version of yourself, physically and mentally!

2) Fitness Evaluation - This evaluation consists of three major parts: InBody 370 (body composition) report, Functional Movement Screening (mobility & stability) assessment, and InMotion's unique set of strength/cardiovascular tests. The data we receive from this evaluation allows us to determine your weaknesses, imbalances, compensations, and overall injury risk. We call these 'your needs'. With one of the most comprehensive fitness evaluations in the industry, analyzed by some of the top fitness experts, you can expect program individualization like you've never experienced before.

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3) Demo & Exercise Implementation Plan (EIP) - This meeting begins with a 45-minute demo session where one of our fitness professionals will walk you through a workout and explain how each exercise will benefit YOU, particularly. Then we'll discuss your recommended Exercise Implementation Plan (EIP). This includes prioritized goal-setting (wants vs needs), session length (45 or 60 minutes), session frequency (1-4 workout per week), and suggested lifestyle habit improvements, along with any necessary exercise 'homework' for you to do yourself.



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